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Bus Running From Bio Gas In Kolkata, Only One Rupee Fare

Bio Gas Bus Started In Kolkata. This Bus Can Travel Up To 17.5 Kilometers In Just One Rupee

Big Superstar, Kolkata Heritage Tram..Hathikshak..The first metro train service in the country..Colcata has many achievements in the transport sector. On Friday, another name was added in this list- the Bio gas powered bus. This kind of first bus started in Kolkata in India. Even greater good news is that from just one rupee, this route will be able to travel up to 17.5 kilometers from Uitatanga to Garia. This means that it will be the cheapest passenger transport service in the country.

This bus was launched by Phoenix India Research and Development Group, a provider of alternative energy. Jyoti Prakash Das, President and Managing Director of Phoenix said, “We had envisaged this under the central subsidy plan of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy three years ago, which was embodied today. It is not only India but the first bus to run Bio gas in South-East Asia.

The cost of production of Bio gas per kg is Rs 20. It will give six kilometer mileage on just one kilogram Bio gas. It has a German technology engine. ‘ Regarding future plans, Jyoti Prakash said that this year 15 such buses will be started on various routes in the metro area, which will run on various routes including Bashirhat, Behla, Salt Lake and Howrah. Buses will be started soon in different districts of West Bengal.




Significantly, at present, the minimum fares for diesel buses in Kolkata are six rupees, which increases to 17 rupees by 17 km to 12 rupees.Biogas, is prepared from substances and wastes of animals. There is mainly methane in it. It is a non-toxic flammable gas used in the form of fuel for vehicles, cooking food and generating electricity.

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